Repaired the Floating Library Boat

With our funds, Ransel Buku’s boat is now able to reach over 400 underserved children in 5 remote riverside villages in Central Kalimantan.

Rehydrate peatland forest in Sebangau National Park

We didn’t just “give a dam”, we gave two dams through Borneo Nature Foundation, that rehydrate several hectares of peatland forest in Sebangau, Kalimantan, to restore the ecosystem and safeguard it against burning.

Removed 1 hectare of illegal palm oil plantation in Aceh

Together with HAkA, we restored native forest in the Leuser Ecosystem, Aceh, Sumatra.

Trained 25 firefighting volunteers

We funded Ranu Welum’s firefighting training in Central Kalimantan.

Funded the printing and distribution of Danum Magazine

We helped Ranu Welum to distribute their publications and broadcast about conservation and the dangers of haze throughout 25 schools, universities and community groups in Central Kalimantan.